Is branding really the heart of your practice?
Your personal brand is the heart of your practice

If branding your practice seems overwhelming – don’t worry, just think of it in terms of what it is that you are wanting to communicate to your patients. Making a genuine connection with your patients based off of your WHY is the heart and brand of your practice!

Zana’s in-office electric toothbrush program invites your patient to FEEL the heart of your practice by giving them uncommon care they won’t find anywhere else.

It all starts with branding a premium electric toothbrush.

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Shawnie: (00:16)
And today we want to talk with you about branding, your practice post COVID-19. Now I know what you’re thinking. That’s the last thing on my list that I need to worry about. I need to reopen my practice. I need to get PPE in order. However, we think that it’s more important now than ever to get a game plan for your branding.

Shawn: (00:36)
So successful branding really starts with having a clear, uh, kind of goal of what you’re wanting to communicate. Um, and what I guess the object is so unsuccessful branding is really just, um, all these kind of one-off tactics of just trying to get your logo, your messaging. Maybe you’re thinking about just the colors and design of your practice, but successful branding is so much more than that. It’s all about being able to reach out and make a genuine connection with your patient based off of why you’re in practice, based off of the heart of your practice, why you do what you do. And it’s never been more important like Sean saying, to make sure you can share that story and share it consistently, because stories that can spread are stories that can win in today’s economy

Shawnie: (01:24)
And with the competition being more competitive than ever, you really need to connect with your patients so that they’re not going to feel, um, like a special that is going on at an office down the street is compelling there. They’re not going to leave your practice for any reason, because your personal brand is the heart of your practice. Like Sean said, and they’re so connected and so loyal to you, and you’ve done that by you being the brand of your practice.

Shawn: (01:53)
So we created sauna with branding at the very heart of it. It’s so much more than just putting a name on a toothbrush. Now, putting a name on a manual toothbrushes, great. Getting your name on an electric toothbrush is even better, but was on it. We created an entire care program that really just invites your patients into feeling and experiencing that care even when they’re not in your practice. And that’s where it elevates it from just some one-off tactic of putting your name on something to actually a full on brand experience that brings connection to your patient and let them know that when they’re part of your practice they’re family, and you’re going to take care of their oral health.

Shawnie: (02:35)
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