In this podcast episode of the “Authentic Dentist Podcast,” hosts Shawn and Dr. Allison House discuss the concept of “leveling up” in life and how it can be applied to personal and professional development. Shawn introduces the idea of gamification, drawing parallels between video games and life. He mentions a book written by a successful individual who attributes his achievements to gamifying his life. 

Gamification, as Shawn explains, involves setting up systems to reward desired behaviors, similar to how apps reward users with badges for completing certain tasks. They discuss how this concept can be applied to personal growth and self-improvement. Shawn emphasizes the importance of setting clear goals and having a structured approach to leveling up in various areas of life, much like a character in a video game. 

Allison shares her own insights from a book called “Triggers,” which explores how individuals can create triggers or cues that prompt them to take specific actions. She provides examples of how having triggers, such as scheduled workout times or specific calendar entries, can help people maintain healthy habits and accomplish their goals. 

The hosts discuss the challenges of setting long-term goals and planning for the future, emphasizing the importance of having a vision of where you want to be several years down the line. They mention another book, “The Almanac of Naval Ravikant,” which offers deep insights into wealth, leverage, and long-term thinking. 

The conversation concludes with Shawn and Allison sharing their love for reading and the value they find in books, even when they don’t fully agree with all the content. They recommend books like “The Power of Moments,” which underscores the significance of recognizing and celebrating special moments in life. 

In summary, this podcast episode explores the concept of leveling up in life through gamification and the use of triggers, emphasizing the importance of setting clear goals, planning for the future, and celebrating moments of significance. It encourages listeners to apply these principles to their personal and professional development. 

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