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Give them something.
to talk about.

Keep patients talking about YOU and the amazing service they received at your practice

Generate Word of Mouth with a Remarkable Delivery

  • At a Zana Practice, patients come in, get their procedure, and go back home to enjoy their new smile.
  • A couple weeks later, they find a little surprise in the mail. A package addressed to them, from their dentist?
  • They open it. Unbox it. Share it.

And it doesn’t stop there! Every 6 months, a new package arrives with free replacement brush heads. Reminding them again of one of their best decisions ever- choosing your practice to care for their smile!


How does it work?


Sign up for the program and pay for your first set of brushes.


Give your patients an amazing gift: A beautifully designed sonic toothbrush personalized with their name.
Plus free brush heads!


Amazement. Loyalty. Love. It’s that easy.
You give brushes, and you get patients who are excited to help your practice grow.

What our clients say

Spend less on marketing, keep patients longer, generate more referrals

Zana is for Dentists who want to brand their practice! My team loves it and so do my patients.

  • Dr. Walter Kostrzewski
  • Stony Hill Dental

Showcase Your Brand
(at Least Twice a day)

It’s a daily reminder how much you care.

Proven sonic cleaning technologySame as leading brands.
Personalized brushAdd your practice name and logo, and personalize with your patient’s name (they love that)
Long-lasting batteryStays charged for up to a month!
Generate more positive reviews and referrals for your practice. Build your brand.

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