Give your patients a
reason to show up

The electric toothbrush program that keeps your schedule full by giving your patients free brush heads for life. 

No Inventory Costs

Yup, why go through the hassle of ordering and keeping inventory – no way. 
Introducing on-demand fulfillment. 
We ship new Z Sonics to you as you need them.
No worry. No hassle. 

It’s simple.

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Free Toothbrush Heads for Patients

“I love paying for over-priced brush heads”… said no one ever. 
Treat your patients like family. 
Free for your patients. 
Free for your practice. Forever. 
Why settle for less?

Goodbye missed appointments

Losing money to patient no-shows is so overrated. There’s a better way. 
Give your patients a reason to show up
by enrolling them into Care Beyond the Chair
(your own in-office care program 😉) 
Give your patients the best.

It’s not fair that patient no-shows waste your time and cost you money.

There’s nothing worse than watching your schedule fall apart before your eyes. Leaving your entire team frustrated and your production goals out the window. Stop the madness. Give your patients a reason to show up.

Old School Way

The Zana Way.


comparable to
Sonicare Diamond Clean
(MSRP $249)
It has everything you’ve come to expect in Sonic technology

The Z Sonic Professional Series Toothbrush eliminates more plaque than manual brushing and improves gum health in just 2 weeks with twice the whitening power.

How it Works​

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We care about your practice as much as you do. ​

More than 16,000 happy Z Sonic users.