What if a
brush was more than a brush?

 The electric toothbrush program reimagined gets your patients coming back.


Decrease no-shows automatically


Stay visible to your patients 24/7


Add major value to your hygiene department

We're an electric toothbrush
company and we are telling you to...

Stop Selling
Electric Toothbrushes.

Seriously, there is a better way. Nobody likes selling things anyway, right? It’s all about creating lasting relationships by enrolling patients into your office care program.

At Zana, we believe that a brush is more than a brush — it can be a symbol of your care.

The current electric toothbrush model is broken. Your patients can get the same brush your practice is selling cheaper at Amazon or Costco.

– Shawn Zajas, founder of Zana

The old school way

The Zana Way

Your practice is top of mind every time your patients brush.

Is the brush any good? It’s amazing...

It has everything you’ve come to love in sonic technology and more.

I love seeing my name on the brush — it feels like a trophy! Not only is it beautiful, but the 5 brushing modes make for the most effective plaque removal — my teeth feel so clean!

– Elaine Rodriguez, Dental Laser Integrations

More than a brush...

Introducing your
Care Beyond the Chair® Program



Care Beyond the Chair™ Works

Instead of buying a toothbrush, patients enroll in your care program (Care Beyond the Chair®).

For $99.95 they take home a private-labeled Zana brush & are eligible for FREE replacement heads for life… but only when they return to your practice for routine visits. 


Patient pays




They get the


brush (valued at $199.95)


They receive

$50 worth

of replacement heads per year

Join Zana today!

Take your practice to the next level






Zana’s smart fulfillment system automatically ships you your private labeled brushes and replacement heads.

Unlimited. Free.

No tracking inventory,
no placing orders…
leave it all to us!



Enroll your patients in Care Beyond the Chair ® — they go home with the Zana brush.

Major toothbrush upgrade — nice!



Your patients get FREE replacement heads for life… but only when they return to your practice to maintain their routine hygiene visits.

zana-duotone-man1 (1)


in your practice

Here is the value to your practice of having 10 patients enrolled in Care Beyond the Chair® in your first month:

Total value of

$ 0

in your first month.

...all for one low monthly membership fee

The electric toothbrush program reimagined

Decrease no-shows automatically

Stay visible to your patients 24/7

Add major value to your hygene department



Zana is for Dentists who want to brand their practice! My team loves it and so do my patients. 

Walter Kostrzewski DMD

Stony Hill Dental

What  I like about the Z Sonic is I don't have to purchase these toothbrushes and hold stock and the patient is not going to be able to purchase them for cheaper.

John Nosti DMD

Smile Design NYC

My patients love these brushes!! And I love being able to give them free brush heads every time they come in, thank you Zana for making this possible!

Allison House DMD

House Dental

$250 enrollment fee + $99 a month

*1 non-branded brush is included with your membership. You can purchase additional brushes for your team members