Dentistry today is at an exciting place. As the industry grows and evolves, there is huge potential to rise up as a leader and be a part of the changes that are occurring. At Zana, we believe that the next decade in dentistry is going to be the best yet and we invite you to be a pioneer in ushering in a new era of dentistry. The challenge is that the mindsets that make you an excellent clinician may not always be the same mindsets that will foster innovation and entrepreneurship. As a dentist and practice owner you are constantly switching roles. These five mindsets will propel you to become the entrepreneurial, innovative dentist that you want to be.  

1. Value Wins 

Every business seeks to provide value to its consumers. The consumers find the value in your message as you differentiate yourself in the market and as you find unique ways to serve. But when you communicate that message consistently is when you can truly transform your industry. Authentic value lies in consistency.  

2. Redefine Failure  

The fear of failure has the power to cripple innovation. Fear of failing can crush an idea before its even had time to be tested or launched. What would happen if you started to view pushback, difficulties or challenges to your ideas not as failure, but simply as more data? If you can reframe the challenges you encounter and view them as opportunities to adapt and adjust, then you will be thinking like an entrepreneur. After all, the only true failure is when you stop trying. The business that never starts is the business that will always fail. 

3. True Learning 

We live in the Information Age and its very easy to confuse knowledge with learning. For an entrepreneur, theoretical knowledge is not enough.  An entrepreneur doesn’t rest on everything he or she “knows” in theory, but forges ahead to test it. A business idea is like a hypothesis. It still needs to be tested. The way to test a business idea is by launching it into the marketplace. Innovation is birthed when your theoretical knowledge, which is often gained through preparation, aligns with your market experience. True learning occurs when you experience the testing of your knowledge applied in the market.  

4. Generosity Wins 

People always come first as you seek to advance your goals. Thinking long term allows you to see that embracing generosity and service is the only way to do business. Create wins for other people. That is the way to do business and the way to think like an entrepreneur.  

5. Oh Sh*t Feeling 

Sometimes self-doubt, imposter syndrome and feelings of disqualification are all  

indicators that you are on the right track. If it doesn’t seem scary then what you’re attempting is probably not big enough. As humans we crave reassurance in the areas of unknown. But in business there are no guarantees. An entrepreneurial mindset allows you to embrace the unknown and to get comfortable in the tension of what you’re unsure of.