Michael Dinsio is a Dental Practice Consultant and Strategist that has helped over 500 doctors start, buy, and grow their practices for almost a decade. He is a leader, Speaker, Consultant, and Advocate in the Dental Industry. Michael is the Founder & Co-Owner of Next Level Consultants where he and his team can help new dentists become owners or ready to grow an existing dental practice.  For a Free, Business Assessment reach out to him at Next Level Consultants and schedule a 45-minute call.  

In his interview with Shawn, we uncovered three bites of knowledge: 

  1. Creating a CEO mindset.  
    “In general, most dentists don’t like numbers they are clinical and money freaks them out. They have to learn how to manage the business through money and also learn how to influence people in a positive way to lead. A great leader is someone who can teach someone to be a good leader. Three levels deep…so think about how you can make your team members phenomenal leaders.” Dinsio  
  1. Embracing risk is the name of the game.  

    Good dentistry is all risk. Business is about risk management. Risk is inevitable but your mindset must allow you to have a good relationship with risk management. “As a dentist, in someone’s mouth, you don’t want to play games…but in business, you want to experiment and see what patients respond to when it comes to running your business” Zajas. “When it comes clinical be 100% but when it comes to business, fail all day long” Dinsio. 
  1. Experiences for your patients have to be true and authentic. 
    “Dentistry is a people-to-people business, every 15 minutes in a dental office is crazy…but the reality is, if you’re not creating experiences with the people that are walking through your door, then you are treating them like cattle…fake smiles, everyone is pleasant but if you aren’t creating experiences for your patient, you’re not growing, your kind of existing and need to really make impacts with the people that you’re serving” Dinsio. 

“Dentistry is in the business of dealing with people. If your patients are opening up their mailbox and see the rock bottom specials from other dentists in the hood, that is probably working with an agency to break patient loyalty…if you are a commodity to them then lowest price wins. But if they think of the face of the hygienists, dentist, and they feel a connection and feel engaged, and have a sense of belonging… then they aren’t going anywhere” Zajas  
Dinsio thinks “the future of dentistry is all about the private practice…making a personal touch, that compassion, the communication, the community” this is what is going to set you apart from the corporate dental companies and private practice. 
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