There probably hasn’t been a month that has gone by in your practice that you haven’t been concerned with the number of new patients that would walk through your door – am I right?

The focus of most dental practices is obtaining new patients every month. However, there is very little intentional effort placed in retaining these new patients. If your practice’s back door is wide open, chances are you are operating in the negative.

Zana’s in-office electric toothbrush program is going to help you drive engagement and retention with your patients. After a patient enrolls in Care Beyond the Chair, they will receive free toothbrush replacement heads (at no cost to you!) at each of their hygiene visits.

You can now incentivize patients to show up for their appointments, keep their oral hygiene top priority, and maintain profitability- it’s a win, win, win!

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Shawnie: (00:04)
In order to keep those patients. So, Hey guys, it’s Shawnie.

Shawnie: (00:16)
So how many of you want new patients in your practice? I think about everybody. Nobody’s going to deny a new patient and you spend a lot of time, money systems and effort on getting these new patients in the practice. However, from what I’ve seen with working with a lots of dentists, that there’s very little effort, if any, put on systems for retaining your patients. And if your dental practices door is wide open, what good are the new patients that you’re bringing in any way?

Shawn: (00:44)
So Zana electric toothbrush program redefined at the foundation of it. It’s all about helping you drive further engagement and retention with your patients. So instead of them just getting a branded electric toothbrush, which we do offer, they also get free replacement heads for life. When they’re part of this program at no cost to you. So as they come back every three or six months, depending on when you have the hygiene appointments set up, they get free replacement heads for life because they belong to your family.

Shawnie: (01:14)
So not only is there no cost to you for the free toothbrush heads, but there’s no cost to your patients either. So literally the patient purchases, the Z Sonic toothbrush, and every time they come in, your hygienist is going to give them free toothbrush heads. And so this is going to incentivize them and remind them, Hey, it’s time for my hygiene appointment. I need to go because I need to replace my toothbrush heads because I don’t want to buy them online or at Costco because they’re expensive. My hygienist keeps bugging me because she knows that I’m using a toothbrush head that was like, you know, from two years ago. And so all of these things are really going to incentivize your patient to come back in, keep their oral health in check. And

Shawn: (01:56)
Yeah. So Shawnie, when they come back for their next appointment, do they get to then? Yes. Okay. How about in like 18 months? Yep. Like four years for sure. Free replacement heads for life. Check it out. myzana.local.