This week, our founder Shawn Zajas had the honor of being interviewed on the podcast ‘Dentistry Uncensored with Dr. Howard Farran’. In this episode ‘Think Like an Entrepreneur’ Howard and Shawn discuss the challenges solo dentists and small group practices face as they compete with DSO models. Every year the number of solo dentists decreases as the number of DSOs increase. Do dentists still have a chance in this competitive environment?

We here at Zana think so! We believe that if dentists have eyes to see their competitive advantage and brand themselves in a way where they own who they are and highlight their unique perspective on dentistry, they have a fighting chance. Patients want the consistency of business best practices but they also want authenticity, and that is an area where solo practitioners can outshine their DSO competition.

Zana’s ‘Care Beyond the Chair’ program puts the power back in the practice’s hands. The old way of selling sonic brushes in your practice did very little to benefit you as a dentist or your practice. With Zana’s new way of selling sonic brushes, you don’t have to purchase inventory and the brushes are imprinted with your office information so they promote your own brand and not someone else’s. Furthermore, the program reduces missed appointments because Zana gives your office free sonic brush replacement heads to give your patients when they come in for their six month cleanings. As a result, you have less missed appointments, your patient has an enhanced oral hygiene experience, and your patient has a sonic brush with your office information. There is a direct benefit to you.

Dentists balance so much as they maintain a high level of clinical excellence, manage their staff and find ways to forge ahead as entrepreneurs. Zana’s mission is to support solo practitioners and give them the tools and tactics to compete with large DSOs. We want dentists to not just survive, but to thrive. Our ‘Care Beyond the Chair’ program is a tool that will benefit the dentist, the practice and the patient.