Check out Shawn & Shawnie as guests this week on the amazing Grace Rizza’s podcast – Dentistry’s Growing With Grace. Zana is the electric toothbrush redefined and it all started from listening to what the major pain points in dentistry were and finding a solution to those problems. No dental practice is immune to missed appointments, and these days there is more competition than ever. These are two significant issues that cost practices thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Zana’s in-office program helps reduce no-shows by incentivizing patients to return for their routine visits by giving them electric toothbrush head replacements at every appointment for free! As a dental practice you are now building loyalty at no cost and differentiating your practice.

Patients are automatically enrolled in “Care Beyond The Chair” after they purchase a Z Sonic Pro (a premium sonic toothbrush with the best battery on the market) from the practice at half the cost they could get it anywhere else.  The Z Sonic Pro can also be imprinted with your practice information – branding your practice and keeping you top of mind each time your patient brushes.

Now is the time to take your practice to the next level. Stop leaving your practice door wide open and start building better engagement with your patients by elevating your game and leading with generosity.

Full Transcript Below

Grace Rizza: (00:00)
Welcome back to another episode of dentistry is growing with grace podcast. Join grace and her guest of the week as they discuss lessons learned in the industry and explore unique insights into ethical growth. Hello, and welcome back to dentistry is growing with grace. I am very excited to have my new friends, Shawn and Shawnie here with me today. We’ll be discussing a brand new way to grow your practice and enhance patient loyalty. So welcome Shawn and Shawnie. Tell me about you and your business.

Shawn Zajas: (00:35)
So I got into dentistry simply because my dad left a dentist art. He left a candy company that he was an executive abs and decided to start his own, um, this like dental supply company. And this is when I was like 12, 13. So, you know, going to trade shows as a kid, uh, and then just deciding that I love business and loved entrepreneurship and just learning more about how I can create solutions that help dentists out and part of running a great business is assembling an amazing team and that’s where Shawnie fits in. So

Shawnie Cahuya: (01:09)
Thank you. Um, well I am a dental hygienist and I love the clinical side of dentistry, but I always knew from the beginning that I would do something on the business side. Um, and I ended up going into sales and I did some marketing and helped with the courses and was a manufacturer rep. And that’s how I met Sean is just through connections here in Phoenix. And I loved what Zana was doing. I love the idea of the company and just this year started to work for them full time. So it’s been awesome.

Shawn Zajas: (01:42)
And since we haven’t said yet, Zana, is it just redefining what an electric toothbrush program can be in your practice where it’s not just about selling toothbrushes, but it’s about like a win for your practice and really a win for your patients.

Grace Rizza: (01:59)
So we, we just met and got connected recently, Shawn and I am so impressed with this concept. I’ve been in the dental marketing space for 12 years or so now, and it’s rare that I come across something that’s truly unique and that truly revolutionizes how things are being done. And I think that, I really think that’s what you’ve done here. So talk to me about, you know, what, what is Zana and what can, um, and how is it

Shawn Zajas: (02:31)
Well, so first just kind of as a Testament to, to you, the fact that when I shared it with you, not just did you get it, but like you saw so clearly the way that it helps practices like that just goes to show how much you’re all in, on, on business, on delivering value to dentists, because I’ve shared it with actually a lot of even small business owners and they don’t make the same connections that you just made so quickly. So grace, like, you’re the real deal that’s like in it. And I can tell like, that’s why you go above and beyond to really help your clients out because you just have this passion and this zeal for bringing value and bring it.

Grace Rizza: (03:11)
Thank you. Yeah, I actually, a lot of people may not know this and I’m going off track a little bit. I actually worked in a practice for two years prior to starting my company. I’m just managing their marketing. So I looked at everything intricately, not just our website, but I looked at what’s our patient loyalty. How many visits before a patient is, is really hooked for life before they’re not going anywhere. And what are, what are those numbers look like and how do we leverage every possible advantage to grow this practice? And so doing that in a, in a very, um, focused for one you, two locations really allowed me to, when I’m talking to dentists really understand the day to day challenges that they experienced because I lived it. And so when you told me about Zana, I was, I, it was, um, it was one of those things where I go, why didn’t I think of that? You know, it’s so good. It’s so good. Okay. So tell us what is it?

Shawn Zajas: (04:10)
Well, so that’s the same exact journey that I went on except instead of starting in a dental practice, uh, my father and I were realizing we’re getting frustrated because we’re trying to serve dentists, but we actually don’t know what’s going on in the practice. Um, back, you know, just even six, seven years ago, didn’t have any dental professionals that I was super in touch with, you know, some friends, but not really close. So now all of a sudden, you know, with the authentic dentist, me being partnered with dr. Allison House and now with Shawnie coming on board, I have that perspective of a hygienist and a dentist. And that is what actually gave birth to Zana. We were just listening, like, what is it that pains a practice? Um, what is it that they’re struggling with and what do they really care about? And we realized they really care about engaging with patients in a new way, uh, strengthening patient retention, reducing no-shows, and that’s actually housed on a, got, got formed pretty much.

Grace Rizza: (05:06)
I think that’s, that’s been one of the biggest pain points for as long as I can remember is that no show piece and how do we get them to really value what we do and how do we build that loyalty? Because as we know, competition just continues to increase and just about any field and, and how do we stand out and how do we continue to be ahead on that? Um, and so what was the solution you came up with?

Shawn Zajas: (05:36)
Uh, well, we realized that instead of just offering patients a chance to buy a toothbrush, whether it’s an oral B or a Sonicare, and I think both of those have great quality products. Um, we wanted to offer them a chance to join a care program. That was that where the practice is able to extend that to them beyond the chair. So the care program is actually called caravan the chair. So when a patient enrolls in that, not only do they get our Z Sonic pro at 50% off from where they can get anywhere else, because we’re really are partnered with a dentist, but when they come back for their routine hygiene visits, we supply that practice free replacement heads for life to provide to their patients.

Grace Rizza: (06:19)
Yeah. And when you, it really is when you told me about this, I was like, what? You told me the price of the toothbrush. And then you told me free for your replacement heads for life. And I was like, how do you make any money? I was like, where are your profit margins as a business owner? I’m like, it’s too good. It’s gotta be too good to be true. And then I was like, Oh, I get it now. It’s it’s once people, I think, experienced this program, this, you sent care beyond the chair. Once they experienced the care beyond the chair program, I think it’s going to be a no brainer to continue it. And to just, and so it serves as obviously your sales final and the reason you don’t have to Mark the toothbrushes up three or four times, the way that they are in retail is because the doctors are distributing for you.

Grace Rizza: (07:14)
The patients benefiting the doctors benefiting. So the patient’s saving money on the, on the toothbrush. The doctor is building loyalty at no cost to him and differentiating his practice with this program, especially for the early adapters. So if you’re sitting there thinking, you know, what’s a, what’s a cool way to, to be different. Everyone’s doing the same things. Like we have the solution for you right here. It’s awesome. Okay. So, um, talk to me about how Zana helps reduce missed appointments. So I would say from a hygienist perspective, every little thing that we can do to make our patients’ lives easier is a win. And I’m not kidding. My patients love their free goodie bag that is there sometimes their favorite part of the appointment. And they’re just getting a manual toothbrush and floss and toothpaste. Um, so when we’re actually giving them a toothbrush replacement head that they would have had to went out and purchase anyway, and oftentimes they forget to buy it or, um, you know, a year has gone by and they’re like, Oh my gosh, I haven’t even replaced it. And I don’t know where I put them. You’re reminding them every time you come in. So they’re getting something of value that they would have had to buy that is super overpriced, um, otherwise, so that portion of connecting with your patients on that level, you’re, it’s just showing no other office does that. They’ve never been to an office that gives them replacement heads. So that right there is huge with reducing missed appointments.

Shawn Zajas: (08:48)
And we love that idea of enabling practices to lead with generosity because when they’re engaging with their patients and they’re back, typically, it’s like, okay, what’s this going to cost? And I understand that’s just normal. They’re getting a service, they’re getting a cleaning, you know, and it’s a very valuable service, but to be like, look, you’re part of our family. And when you’re part of our family, we take care of you. So we’re going to give you $25 worth of replacement heads every single time to make sure that not only are you brushing with the best, but that your bristles are effective. Yeah. Because when they start breaking down and then you pair that with a very powerful motor on a Sonic brush that can actually be really harmful for gums. If people and people don’t like replacing the heads. Cause they’re so expensive.

Grace Rizza: (09:30)
Yeah. And I don’t even know where you, I mean, I think the first place I would go to replace the heads of my toothbrush would be Amazon just because of the world we’re living in right now. And I just T I don’t really do a whole lot of physical shopping anymore as it is. And so this solves that for them, they’re not even having to think about it, um, such great value. So if they’re thinking twice about, Hmm, I dunno. Maybe I’ll try out this new practice down the street, but then where might, I love my toothbrush? Where am I going to get my, and, and I know that sounds like is that really the reason that people will continue to it’s one of the many reasons people would continue to stay with your practice. It’s a value, it’s a huge value add. So, okay. As someone who uses an electric toothbrush who uses a Sonic toothbrush, how does this compare to the other toothbrushes on the market? Like as a patient, am I really going to be like impressed by this? Or is it, is it since I’m getting it for free? You know, am I going to be impressed by it?

Shawn Zajas: (10:34)
So that’s an interesting thing because you have like electric toothbrush or Sonic toothbrush, and there’s a lot of, um, almost tears of that, that have come into the market and they just put a battery in the brush and it vibrates and it might look nice, but it doesn’t actually have the performance. So we compare ours, um, you know, for like vibrations per minute and everything to the Sonicare diamond clean, which was retailing from like 220 to 250. So we sell this, the Sonic pro on our site for $200, but it comes included with that 99, 95, um, enrollment to the patient. So they’re getting it.

Grace Rizza: (11:11)
So the patient’s like, yes, I want that toothbrush. And they pay 99, 95 to the practice, which is half of what it would be if they bought it on their own. So they’re already seeing it as a gift. And now at every appointment they’re getting the replacement has for absolutely nothing.

Shawn Zajas: (11:27)
Absolutely. So it, and it’s just like, it has everything you’ve come to expect in Sonic technology.

Shawnie Cahuya: (11:34)
I was skeptical at first. Do you remember? I was like, I love, I’ve been using my Sonicare for 10 plus years. Like, there’s no way I’m going to love a toothbrush more than a Sonicare.

Shawn Zajas: (11:44)
It’s amazing Shawnie. I’m so glad she, she brought that up because again, listening to her, her hesitancy, she’s a hygienist. She knows about good hygiene practices. And hearing her say that I was like, man, when a practice gets into sauna, like if the staff doesn’t, I can’t actually enroll and get a sample of their own to be able to use and brush with. There’s no way they can tell their patients about it. So when a practice enrolls, they have a chance to enroll team members, one time investment so that they get their own Z Sonic because let’s face it. They have loyalties, they like Sonicare. They like the old B, and they’re not going to be able to really share unless they have that story of look, I was skeptical. I love this brush. And then all of a sudden I tried this Eastland pro and

Grace Rizza: (12:30)
Here’s my thing. I want everyone who’s listening to this podcast or video cast or whatever. If you care about entrepreneurship, if you care about business, if you’re passionate about it, the way that we are share this, please, because what I think is going to happen with Donna. And I don’t mean to be like the bearer of bad news, but I think it’s too good of an idea to not be replicated. I think as soon as it starts getting out there, other companies are going to try to replicate your model, your genius. And so let’s very quickly spread the word that this is an option for practices because it’s brilliant and let’s, let’s support the brilliance behind this and you know what, let the big companies follow and do what they’re going to do, but let’s try and get there as quickly as we can, because I think it’s great. So

Shawn Zajas: (13:20)
Well, thank you. That’s very honoring. So Grace, I appreciate that. Especially again, from someone like you, um, you know, dentistry can become a commodity if dentists just try to play by the rules and do what everyone else is doing and not really stand out and create something remarkable. And it’s the same exact thing with the services you provide. It can become modern a is if there’s no heart behind it, if there’s no passion behind it. And that’s, what’s so refreshing about meeting you, I was like, man, here’s some of that’s just bringing insane value to dentists. Like if I had a practice of my own, I would definitely go with identity, identity, dental marketing, and your services just because not only do you get it, but, but just the commitment, like you create remarkable experiences and deliver those services to your clients. And I just think that’s awesome. So props to you.

Grace Rizza: (14:10)
Thank you so much. And I did not pay you to say that, but I would, I would definitely pay you to say that. Um, so in the midst of this, um, anyone want to say the word pandemic, how the P word, how can Zana help?

Shawn Zajas: (14:26)
So I think there’s this new era that’s kind of coming forth and it’s similar to what I was kind of saying, like it’s no longer about being hesitant to just try to do what everybody else is doing, because there’s nothing uncommon about that. You need to elevate your game. You need to step it up in every single way you’re up against now. Uh, I mean, you have been for the last decade, these practices DSS, but it’s no longer an option to just, uh, I don’t know, to not invest in business best practices, to not align yourself with an agency like yours, that is going to help them elevate the game. And I’ve heard people say like, Hey, do you have that one tip or trick? That’s going to get me like 10 new patients a month. And it’s like, no, but I have 10 tricks that will get you one patient a month. You have to layer everything, you know, and if you’re leaving the door open on your, your patient base, by not really engaging with them and leading with generosity, you gotta step it up. And that’s why even, you know, we brand the brush with the practice name, a website and imprint. So when this is,

Grace Rizza: (15:34)
That’s my favorite part. So I remembered that, but I didn’t want to ask you just in case I remembered it wrong because I was going to ask, so right now, a lot of practices get the toothbrush. That’s imprinted with their information on it, that, that traditional. But then they’re also saying you should really use a sad way to fresh. It’s sending a mixed, it’s sending a mixed message, isn’t it? Yep. That always bothers me. I’m like, why, why am I giving you a manual toothbrush that I’m telling you not to use? Yeah. It makes no sense. So why not brand their Sonic toothbrush? I mean, it’s brilliant. It makes sense.

Shawn Zajas: (16:12)
And that’s why we invested so heavily in the battery because what’s first to go in any premium electric toothbrush is the battery. So this lasts up to three months on one chart. It’s amazing. People are shocked. We’re like, Hey, you get it. Just put your charger away. And just to see how long cause most people don’t even want to bring their electric toothbrush on a business trip because we want to bring the charging base just in case it dies with this. You don’t have to worry about that.

Grace Rizza: (16:37)
It that’s awesome. That’s incredible. Um, so how can dentists identify if they’re working with a partner, if they have a distribution channel,

Shawn Zajas: (16:49)
Do you want to handle this one or you want me to do? You can. Okay. So this is sorry. This is like a massive passion of mine. Um,

Grace Rizza: (16:56)
Shawn, he’s like, go, go ahead.

Shawn Zajas: (17:00)
This is exactly, again, it goes back to why, what you do is special. Um, for some reason it’s worked out really great for the large companies like Sonicare and oral B to somehow get dentists, really excited about offering to their patients. Something that they don’t really get much credit for. But the sad thing is, so the patient walks out the door and they’re happy because they got some sort of special, I guess, that they can get in this practice. And then on the weekends, they’re either walking through Costco or they’re shopping at home on Amazon and they realized they could get a up, they could have two Sonics Sonicares or whatever at the exact same price that they just got one in the practice. And that’s because if we’re being honest, Amazon views dentistry as a distribution channel, not a partnership like, or sorry. Sonicare does is actually partnered with Amazon and Sonicare is partnered with Costco. That’s really where partnership, they offer special pricing that the consumer can’t get anywhere else, but they’re not really doing the dental practice of favor because you get that patient feeling like, Oh man, I kinda got sold or I really could have saved some money. And then they start questioning the value that they’re getting in your practice. You do not want that, especially today,

Grace Rizza: (18:13)
Not good for your brand to sell someone something that they could have gotten for less, the exact same product from a different source. It’s, it’s definitely not good for your brand, for your reputation in the community. This is going to change that this is it’s a problem. People don’t even know that they have good point. That’s why I was so excited about it because I was like, I never even thought about this. I’ve thought about branding, everything you could possibly think of, like let’s brand all the face masks right now, let’s brand everything. Um, but this is, this is different. So this program plays into, and I just want to outline this for my followers, my clients, my friends, this plays into patient loyalty. This plays into reducing no shows. This plays into brand recognition. This plays into gift marketing. Like you’re checking all the boxes that I, that I speak on that lecture on that I care about. And it doesn’t cost you. It doesn’t cost a dentist anything. Right?

Shawn Zajas: (19:17)
Well, so they, they joined Asana and then they have a plan that they can pick from as low as $7 a month to if they want some of the added perks, $17 a month. And that just means once you’re in zona, we will provide ongoing as many imprinted toothbrushes as your practice needs. Because as they’re, those transactions are happening and patients are enrolling, it’s all in our portal. So we’re seeing it all or managing the inventory. We get triggered, we get alerts. We reimprint more. We send it to them. There’s no shipping costs. There’s no handling costs. They don’t have to worry about their inventory. They don’t have to buy a ton up front. It’s a low monthly investment so that you can have care, be on the chair, active in your practice. And we just manage it all for them.

Grace Rizza: (20:02)
And this is a technical question. So how does the patient actually, how does the transaction actually happen then?

Shawn Zajas: (20:09)
So it’s simple. We send, um, originally they have their, their first shipment of XE Sonics that are in printed. So they have them in stock. They’re already brushing with their own and sharing them with patients and patients are like, Oh yeah, I’d like to enroll on care the chair and get us the Sonic pro. And they just hand the practice, their credit card, just like they’d be paying for the visit maybe. And that, um, front office person, whatever just goes onto our portal and just really quickly inputs the information. Okay.

Grace Rizza: (20:39)
So very turnkey can be done up front, very low risk for the doctor. And how long does it take to get up and running? So if they sign up today, how long before they have

Shawn Zajas: (20:49)
Toothbrushes, they sign up today. The first shipment goes out same day with the non imprinting brushes for the doctor and staff, and then any sort of, you know, we have a whole onboarding type of, um, materials to support in office, whether it’s, you know, stands or countertop displays. Um, so just, it can be passively communicated if they’re not sharing it with every patient, you know, even loops that go on their TV in the waiting room about caribou on the chair, in the practice. And

Grace Rizza: (21:16)
Trust me, if you need help getting your patients to sign up, I will help you with that piece. We’ll get it done.

Shawn Zajas: (21:23)
And as soon as we can verify the imprint information, um, just because we want to make sure it’s good, we start in printing them and they’ll receive their first order within probably like seven to 10 business days.

Grace Rizza: (21:37)
So to all of my clients who are listening, I am giving you the formal recommendation to sign up with Donna it’s. I am recommending it right now. So don’t say, I didn’t tell you about it because I have a record of this. And I really thank you guys for sharing this information. How can our audience get in touch with you to learn more? My, our Facebook page and our industry

Shawn Zajas: (22:04)
Wonderful. And you know, what businesses thrive off of word of mouth and referrals. So anyone that’s already a client of grace that is really just, again, enjoying her services. If you have a colleague, someone you went to school with that needs her help, please, like it would do so much to even share that with them, because sometimes you don’t realize, wow. Yeah, I love working with grace and her team. And some of my friends will really get benefited from that too. So, you know, do her company a favor and share that.

Grace Rizza: (22:36)
Thank you. So, um, and Zana, just because some people are going to be listening by audio only is Z a N a. So my [inaudible] dot com. And, um, thank you guys so much for being here for all of our listeners and viewers. Thank you for being part of dentistry. Grace.

Shawn Zajas: (22:55)
Thank you, grace.