In this podcast episode, Shawn Zajas and Dr. Allison House engage in a candid discussion about the pivotal decision of hiring a coach for professional and personal development. Dr. House opens up about her contemplation of a significant financial investment — approximately $60,000 for a year of coaching. Reflecting on past investments in equipment and education for her dental practice, she expresses a sense of hesitancy in allocating such a substantial amount solely for personal development. 

The conversation begins with Shawn and Dr. House exploring the timing of hiring a coach and the factors that play into making this decision. Dr. House reveals that, despite numerous investments in her practice, she has never hired a coach specifically for herself. The discussion unfolds as she grapples with the idea of investing in clinical and practice management coaching, considering the hefty price tag attached. 

Shawn acknowledges the substantial financial commitment, prompting a discussion about the expected return on investment. Dr. House reflects on her past experiences, noting that every investment, whether in equipment or education, has eventually proven worthwhile in the long run. The conversation underscores the nuanced nature of clinical training and the challenges practitioners face in implementing new knowledge into their practices. 

The duo explores the uniqueness of each dental practice and the difficulty in finding a one-size-fits-all solution. Dr. House emphasizes the need to bridge gaps between clinical and business aspects while acknowledging the individualized nature of dental practices. They discuss the importance of vetting coaches and finding someone who aligns with the practitioner’s philosophy and needs. 

Shawn introduces the concept that the marketplace values individuals or services based on how much they value themselves. Dr. House agrees, drawing parallels to dentistry, where the perceived value of a service can be influenced by its price. The psychological aspect of a significant investment is discussed, with Dr. House expressing high expectations and a willingness to put more effort into the coaching process due to the substantial financial commitment. 

The conversation transitions to the practical aspects of time management and the potential impact on Dr. House’s already busy schedule. They explore the differences in daily schedules between clinical practitioners and those with more flexible schedules, emphasizing the need for practitioners to find balance amid their filled routines. 

As the discussion unfolds, Dr. House shares her anticipation of positive outcomes from the coaching experience. Shawn brings attention to the potential overwhelm that may accompany coaching sessions and the importance of a good coach paying attention to individual needs. 

The episode concludes with a shift to Dr. House’s prior contemplations about missing opportunities and frustrations in her practice. She reflects on the year-long anticipation of working with the chosen coach and the realization that this support is necessary for her to reach the next level in her career. 

Throughout the episode, the conversation weaves together themes of financial investment, individual worth, the value of coaching, and the unique challenges faced by practitioners in the dental field. Dr. House’s decision-making process serves as a compelling narrative that explores the intricacies of professional development and growth in a highly specialized field. 

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