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Your own office care program

When you join Zana, you get access to CBTC (Care Beyond the Chair™️) in your office. The actual care program patients will be enrolling in is CBTC – which you can now offer since you are part of Zana.

Deliver the Best Care &
Insane Value to Your Patients

CBTC was designed to empower your practice to give your patients the
best. Not simply the best brush, but access to the Z Sonic Pro at a rate
not available anywhere else. Because your patients are family, and
family deserves the best. CBTC gives your patients the best.

Zana Z Sonic Electric toothbrush with clear background

Stop Selling Electric Toothbrushes

CBTC allows you to enroll your patients into your office care program! Your very own private labeled Z Sonic Pro and free brush head replacements for your patients gets them excited to come back to your practice! 

Your practice deserves loyal patients that experience your care in and outside of the practice.
Show them how much you care for them –
extend your Care Beyond the Chair™️

How it Works

Zana Z Sonic Pro Electric Toothbrush with Replacement heads

1. Share

Share with your patients how you
can extend your Care Beyond The
Chair™️ to them.

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2. Enroll

Patient enrolls in CBTC

Zana Paper and paperwork icon
Zana Care Beyond the Chair Z Sonic Electric Toothbrush Icon

3. Receive

Patient leaves practice with 
their own Z Sonic Pro

Zana Box Icon Care Beyond the Chair

4. Supply

Patient receives 2 free
replacement heads for life at
every routine visit

Free to your practice, free to your patient

Zana Box Icon Care Beyond the Chair
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That’s it. No ongoing fees.
Just ongoing care extended to
your patient.