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Leverage your care.
Get more patients.

Amplify and echo your care to create brand intimacy at scale, so your practice can consistently and sustainably grow!

Why Creating a Remarkable Patient Experience Matters in Dentistry

Delivering a Top Tier Patient Experience is Hard— But it Doesn’t Have to Be

Zana is flipping the old toothbrush model on its head. In the process, we’re creating a program that elevates the patient experience in a way that’s simple and easy for offices to implement.

The result? Happy patients. Happy practice. 

How does it work?


Sign up for the program and pay for your first set of brushes.


Give your patients an amazing gift: A beautifully designed sonic toothbrush personalized with their name.
Plus free brush heads!


Amazement. Loyalty. Love. It’s that easy.
You give brushes, and you get patients who are excited to help your practice grow.

What You Get

  • Loyalty
  • Positive reviews
  • Referrals
  • Thank you notes
  • No shows
  • Bad reviews
  • Patient churn
  • Dollars wasted on marketing

What Your Patients Get

I really like it! Honestly my teeth feel really clean after I use it, and I like the size of the brush!

Proven sonic cleaning technologySame as leading brands.
Personalized brushAdd your practice name and logo, and personalize with your patient’s name (they love that)
Long-lasting batteryStays charged for up to three months!
It’s more than just a brush. It’s a symbol of your care.

Grow Your Practice.
Become Unforgettable.
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