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BYND Care - Where dentistry meets high design, where precision meets personalization, and where every smile finds its ultimate expression


Beyond Ordinary, Beyond Expectations

In a world filled with ordinary dental care, why settle for less? BYND Care is your gateway to going beyond what is normal, beyond the current expectations for your patients, and beyond the everyday routine.

Our mission is simple: to provide you with a remarkable way to connect with your patients while setting new standards in the industry. It's where luxury meets dental care, and it's all about going beyond the ordinary.

The Art of Personalization

Each BYND Brush is a masterpiece of incredibly personalized design. Sleek and iconic, it's more than just a toothbrush; it's a statement of style and individuality.

Technology Meets Performance

While high design and personalization are our hallmarks, we understand that performance is key. 

It's More Than a Brush, It's a Statement

Our brushes aren't just tools for your patients; they're extensions of your practices personality. With BYND Care, you have the chance to make a statement, to express your unique style, and to revel in the luxury of dental care like never before.


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It's a Statement

It's More Than a Brush


How does it work?



Sign up for the program and pay for your first set of brushes.



Give your patients an amazing surprise: A beautifully designed sonic toothbrush personalized with their name. Plus free brush heads!



Amazement. Loyalty. Love. It's that easy. You give brushes, and you get patients who are excited to help your practice grow.

"I was "wowed" by the toothbrush you sent me with my name on it and the polish mode made my teeth feel just-out-of-the-hygiene-chair clean!!”

Lori Bulloch


“Switching from the Burst to BYND Brush was a no-brainer, given it's superior power and the noticeably cleaner feel of teeth. It's sleek black design now stands as a statement piece on my bathroom vanity. 5/5!”

Alex Leiphart

“My parents loved the packaging and their names as they share a bathroom! They absolutely loved the different settings and they are very happy. It actually works better to have it mailed out as a surprise. You are right on that. As it reminds them of you after a few days!!!”

Karyn Phillps


"Zana knocked it out of the park. Opening my personalized brush was second only to me opening my iPhone"

Darin Acopan

“I’d like to especially thank you for creating a product for the hygienists with an entrepreneurial spirit! —this is truly a win win for both the patients and the practice!”

Elaine Rodriquez

Simple price, no surprises

VIP Pricing

Ideal for practices

$179 (Retail $250)
  • Brush & Insert Design
  • Brush & Insert Mockup
  • Onboarding Call
  • Each Brush will be Private Labeled with Practice Logo + Patient Name
  • Custom Insert with Logo inside the box
  • Custom Sleeve for the box
  • Automatic shipping fulfillment
  • Free Drop Shipping to Patient or Practice
  • No Overhead & No Inventory
  • Success Coach
  • Early access to future products and promotions

Boasts up to 48,000 sonic pulses per minute.

This sonic power is the secret behind the deep clean.

It comes with 5 different modes.

The best polishing your teeth will ever have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Zana's BYND Care line and Zana's patient care program?

BYND Care was designed for dental professionals who want to go beyond the ordinary and beyond expectations. The BYND line is unique, sets you apart—sleek, personalized, sexy, and ultimately helps you create remarkable patient experiences.

Zana's patient care program is our signature program. This is a retention program that helps practices get patients coming back by offering or gifting an unexpected gift and providing a program for patients to keep them returning for their regular hygiene appointments.

How do I order more brush heads?

Choose your quantity of replacement brush heads here and we will ship them out within the next 48 hours.

What should I expect when I enroll in BYND Care?

You will be contacted by your Success Coach. They will walk you through the next steps of choosing your gifting plan and designing your brush, insert, and sleeve.

What is the warranty?

It's covered for a full year against manufacturers' defects as well. Patients only need to let us know their name and the practice they received it from. We will get a replacement brush sent out to your patient within 48 hours.

I have questions about getting started, who should I contact?

Contact our support team at [email protected] or call us at 888-968-4639. We're here to help!

Are you prepared to take your practice to the next level and leave a lasting impression on your patients?