Why should you be a hero in your own dental practice?  

Just imagine, you want to an amazing dental conference and got super excited about the latest and greatest software program, product, etc. for your practice. Weeks and months go by and the amazing product you were so excited about is now just sitting in the closet collecting dust.  

Why is this?  

More than likely, you did not have buy-in from your team. Your team was not on board and therefore did not see the vision that you so clearly saw taking your practice to the next level.  

We have good news- Zana was created to unify your team in order to provide exceptional care to your patients. We believe in your vision and want YOU to be the hero in your own practice.  

Full Transcript Below

Shawnie: (00:07)
Hey guys at Shawnie and Shawn. And today we want to talk about why we think that you should be a hero in your own dental practice

Shawn: (00:15)
And really what is it that causes you to not be a hero. And we’re talking about all those times that you’re excited after a webinar, after a trade show, and you come back because you want to implement something new in your practice, but what happens

Shawn: (00:29)
A lot of times, it just fizzles and you guys all know that you’ve seen the same thing happen when you’re done just comes back. They’re excited, but there’s no engagement from anyone else. And so I think that the most important thing when implementing a new system, a new program, a new software in the practice is to get the whole team on board. It is a team effort. Otherwise it’s going to fizzle.

Shawn: (00:52)
That’s how we designed Zana so that it would be simple, not just to onboard you, but to onboard your whole staff and make it. So it’s something that unifies your team around delivering exceptional care to your patients. So it’s a win for your practice. It’s a win for your patients and ultimately it makes you the hero. So check it out, myzana.local.