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Challenging and Changing the Narrative You Believe

Allison and Shawn share an honest conversation about the power of mindset and personal narrative. Many of us are feeling overwhelmed, trapped and discouraged in these challenging times. Maybe you feel like you’re not enough as you carry the weight of this pandemic and how it has affected your practice, your family, and your patients. When external circumstances are difficult, it’s easy to slip into a victim mentality. This profound discussion will encourage you to identify the areas in which the narrative you are believing could be holding you back.

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Rediscovering Your Passion and Reconnecting with Your Patients

In this episode, Allison and Shawn share a message of hope and encouragement to dentists who are stuck in survival mode. In crisis, it’s easy to become bogged down by all the details that are required of you and lose the heart of what you are doing. Business can easily become mechanical as dentists go on autopilot as they oversee changing protocols and guidelines. This powerful message is a reminder to look at patients as individuals with unique needs and to rekindle the spark in your dentistry.

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What Dentists Need to Know to Succeed in the New Normal

This week Dr. House and Shawn are talking about PPE, social distancing and all of the considerations you’re juggling in your practice as you are adapting to dentistry post COVID-19.
Dr. House discusses how her practice and team have adapted to the new guidelines given by the ADA. She discusses how her practice specifically is protecting staff and patients through safety protocols and social distancing.

Reimagining Dentistry: Post COVID-19 Opportunities

In these unprecedented times, dentists are faced with confusing and overwhelming change in the way they practice, and it’s clear that things will not go back to the way they were before COVID-19. As you face this new normal, in which the foundations of your practice are shaken, you can either be swept away by the fear of change, or you can press ahead and use this shaking as an opportunity to better your practice. In this episode, Allison and Shawn encourage listeners to resist clinging to what dentistry was, and to reimagine a new era of dentistry that can be more fulfilling than ever.

How to Reopen Your Practice

Many states are now beginning to see stay at home orders relaxed and elective surgeries resuming. Here in Arizona, Governor Ducey signed executive order 2020-32 allowing elective surgeries, including dental surgery providers, to resume beginning May 1st. Dentists are eager to get back to work, but are facing new provisions and minimum criteria for reopening their offices. Questions about how to handle employees and patients in the wake of these new conditions abound. In this interview with labor law expert attorney Denise Blommel, Allison and Shawn tackle the many concerns dental practice owners might have as they reopen their practices.

How to Communicate in Crisis

Crisis creates an atmosphere that is ripe for misunderstanding, so good communication with your team and your patients is more important than ever. In this episode Allison and Shawn provide you with helpful tools to facilitate communication and prevent misunderstanding.

Innovate or Stagnate: The New Era of Dentistry

Join Allison and Shawn for a candid discussion about the challenges dentists face as we push through the uncertainty and ambiguity of the changes caused by COVID-19. How can we motivate ourselves in a time when the future is uncertain and we don’t have the answers? What mindsets should we be aware of that we need to combat, so that we can propel ourselves and our practices forward? In a time when we are looking for answers but cannot find them, and it becomes painfully obvious that we cannot put our hope in an external solution, we need to stop spiraling and make a plan.